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Our Private Members club offers industry leading & fully comprehensive forex trading education tailored to both novice and seasoned traders. Our strategies have been designed specifically to allow you minimal time at the charts, while promoting maximum freedom and profits.

Profits on demand

Our new TA-X Strategy is that reliable and fast paced, you can almost consider this concept a ‘profit on demand’ strategy.

Get paid from anywhere

Produce profits from anywhere in the world, all you need is a stable internet connection and the expertise we’re about to teach you.

Global Community

Connect with our students from across the globe already profiting from our PDF, Video Lessons and LIVE sessions in our Discord Lounge.

Why choose IGM FX?

We may have unlocked the easiest and fastest method to manually take substantial profits from the market every single day. TA-X can be operated from anywhere in the world by anyone, due to its highly successful nature, all purchases are disclosed with a NDA to ensure secrecy.

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Travel the world

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it to us!

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We re-invest our student memberships straight back into IGM FX, this funds the teams efforts to ensure our students are trading industry leading concepts that provide maximum and endless results.

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What Our Clients Say

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“I've been trading for a number of years now and initially found it challenging to make consistent profits until I found IGM FX.

I highly recommend it!!”

Dean O

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“IGM FX is a hidden gem and I couldn’t recommend enough if you’re thinking about learning to trade. They go above and beyond for their students!”

Frankie W

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“I’d like to believe that I got here on my own but the truth is, IGM FX has made this process so easy and so understandable.”

Daniel M

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“The courses at IGM FX are well-organized and straightforward, making it easy to grasp for even beginners just starting their trading journey.”

Danny B

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“Started learning TA-X with Cal Wednesday and passed phase 1 of a $200k challenge by Friday. TA-X is extremely easy to pick up and learn. Just follow the trend baby!”

Darryl J

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“The content is 100% gold material and dead easy to follow! The support from Cal is 2nd to none! I highly recommend IGM FX to anyone”

Dom H

Travel the world with IGM FX profits.




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